Common EM80 Setup queries

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Common EM80 Setup queries

Post by RickS » Wed Oct 19, 2016 2:08 pm

There follows a list of small documents for helping setup the EM80 generic ECU.
The list and its contents will be added to and amended as required...
12 Active Throttle.doc
Setting up an Active Throttle
(65.5 KiB) Downloaded 432 times
11 Variable Valve Timing.doc
Basic VVT / VVC control
(84 KiB) Downloaded 409 times
10 Lambda or Oxygen Feedback.doc
Lambda feedback and control
(41.5 KiB) Downloaded 423 times
09 Ignition.doc
Mapping the basic ignition requirements
(143 KiB) Downloaded 430 times
08 Fuelling.doc
Mapping the basis fuelling requirements
(103 KiB) Downloaded 453 times
07 Anti-Lag and Torque reduction.doc
Anti-Lag and other torque reduction techniques
(281.5 KiB) Downloaded 422 times
06 Idle Control.doc
Controlling the Idle spped
(78.5 KiB) Downloaded 401 times
05 Load Sensing.doc
Pedal, MAP or MAF as load
(26.5 KiB) Downloaded 420 times
04 Tooth Control & Engine Speed.doc
Tooth Control tables and syncing.
(764.5 KiB) Downloaded 418 times
03 Inputs & Outputs.doc
I/O (Timed, PWM, Speed and Analogue)
(117 KiB) Downloaded 426 times
02 Quick Start.doc
Quick guide for those familiar with GEMS strategies
(229 KiB) Downloaded 436 times
01 Features & Setup.doc
List of features, pin-out and initial setup hints and tips
(197.5 KiB) Downloaded 447 times