Log Maps & Autologging

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Log Maps & Autologging

Post by RickS » Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:52 pm

In some configurations, Log maps are available. In a future release of GWv4, you will be able to define your own log maps.
Log Maps monitor and store a pre-defined parameter into the map at sites corresponding to those of a base map.

For example, a Lambda log map would log the lambda parameter, based upon the fuel map. As the load and speed approach a particular site in the fuel map, the value of lambda is logged into the lambda log map at the corresponding site. As more values of lambda are collected for that site, the site value is averaged out. As engine load and speed changes, the log map is built up to show how lambda changes across the entire load and speed map.

Attached is a document that outlines what is available and how to go about setting this up. It's in the 'Help' feature in GWv4 also....
Autologging in GWv4.doc
Overview and set-up for Log Maps
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