Escort cosworth 1996 gems diff controllers

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Escort cosworth 1996 gems diff controllers

Post by Wrcjim » Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:54 pm

Is there any manuals and wiring diagrams available for gems diff controllers as used in the 1996 grp-a escort cosworth useing FDD transmission. I am currently up grading the car to active, any info for this system would be appreciated

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Re: Escort cosworth 1996 gems diff controllers

Post by R!C0 » Wed Dec 08, 2010 7:43 pm

Hi Jim,

Attached is the original manual (probably center diff only Front diff is very similar) and wiring diagram.

The FFD controller was replaced in late 1997 by the TC60/TC75 this is also now obsolete but I think we can stil make them and most Group A Escort upgraded to this package with A DA98 Logger and DA36 screen now replaced by DA99L2 and DA37.

Originally the FFD Diffs used DISP communications. We can upgrade the units to work to GWv4 if the they have the original diff controller. Cost for that is £150 per unit + GWv4 licence.

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FFD Diff Operational Strategy.pdf
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