GEMS ad4 ?

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GEMS ad4 ?

Post by Gedulis » Tue Dec 17, 2019 6:43 pm

Hi few weeks ago we buy ex rally cross evo with GEMS ecu, but old owners didnt knew anything about it.
Where we could finde any information about this product and other small things aroud.
What software and hardware we should have to start useing it?
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Re: GEMS ad4 ?

Post by RickS » Wed Dec 18, 2019 9:23 am

The DA1 unit is an older style data logging unit, a manual for which is available from our website at :-
There is a special cable for programming and downloading data from the logger and hopefully this was in the usual 'box of bits' that you received when you bought the car. We do not stock either of these items any more. The software used to program the logger, is called GEMS Data Analysis and is also available from our website.

The AD4 unit is an early Analogue-Digital converter, designed to take up to 4 analogue inputs and put the data onto the CAN bus. It is usually used to allow analogue inputs to communicate with loggers and display units. Unit #32627, was designed to take two VDO sensors (pressure maybe) , one air intake temperature and one baro sensor and put their data onto the CAN bus. The AD4 was later superseded by the AD8 and later the AD20. I have attached a small document that will explain its purpose.
AD4 Technical Specification
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The AD4 and AD8 units have jumper selectable CAN speeds and arbitration codes, while the AD20 would need our GWv4 software to program it, which although downloadable from our website, would need a licence to communicate with the unit.

None of these units are currently available as part of the GEMS product range.

You do not mention what ECU is installed in the car, so am currently unable to offer assistance with this.

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