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Post by markk » Wed Dec 21, 2016 1:08 am

Looking to extend some of my data to the ecu from my dash.
I have a working CAN BUS, ecu to dash, pretty easy to set up using the .dbc file.
I want to return data from the dash down the same network, its not very clear for canrx in the EM36 manual.

I can specify can outputs from the dash (dash2 pro), e.g fuel pressure on 0x511 as pef the first line of my telemetry rx set up line, then in V4 which options do you set to receive this data and scale it?

Is there a way to bring a .dbc into canrx?


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Post by RickS » Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:58 am

Once you have opened your calibration in GWv4, there is a 'Telemetry' tab (4th one along I believe).

The last option should be 'CAN RX setup' and it is in here that you specify the arbitration codes for the can messages. In the EM36 you can specify 4 messages with 4 words for each message. You can monitor the incoming 'words' in the live data area to the right of the panel. You can also view the received data in the CAN RX parameters (as explained in the manual),

If you are using extended codes, flag the respective boxes. As users only have to specify the arbitration codes that need to be received, it was perceived that there was no need to use an 'Import' function (unlike the TX, where you can Import and/or Export setups due to their complexity).

You can use the panel to set the received messages up and the 'CAN1 RX' options will alter accordingly. You can set things up by setting the options but it is a little more complicated.

It is assumed that the received data will already be scaled, if coming from a display or logger but you can use a User Table to do this in the ECU. However, these are usually used to drive PWMs. I don't believe that there is another way of scaling the received CAN data but I will certainly check and post my findings here...

Hope that this is of some help, RickS

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