Gen90 manual

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Gen90 manual

Post by Gor46 » Mon May 09, 2016 6:52 pm

I got gen90 ECU on my Clio... the mapping was done... (got the software and usb dongle, so that was not a problem really... since the base calibration was made by Ktec... the map was altered to acomodate the engine)...every thing runs great.

The problem i have is that no real documentation is available (as far as i know)
Would like any if available.

For instance i was looking to get a racing display dash, since no documentation i dont know how to connect it.
From spec it is a very powerful ecu, for instance i have 2 vdo analogue indicators that i would like to connect to ecu, but i dont know which are the analoge input pins and which are the can inputs... so a pinout manual would be great... How can i connect by serial instead of usb and so on...

please help

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Re: Gen90 manual

Post by RickS » Tue May 10, 2016 8:41 am

Hi... I don't think that I can be of much help regarding any documentation on the GEN90 unfortunately. I have scanned our archive and not found any.

This is a product, although based on a GEMS unit, is marketed and supported solely by K-Tec. Have you had a word with them regarding some pin-out documentation..?

For what it is worth, I know that there is a CAN bus and Serial Tx / Rx, so you should be able to hook up an aftermarket display with little difficulty. If you drop me an eMail on the GEMS tech(dot)support address, I will ask around and see if anyone else here has any info.

Sorry for not being able to offer much help.

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