DA3 Quick Start guide

Micro CAN or serial data-logger

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DA3 Quick Start guide

Post by RickS » Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:48 am

The GEMS DA3 logger consists of three major components.

i) A Flash/Memory Stick, that holds the logged information and is used to transfer a logging setup file to the body of the DA3 logger.
ii) The DA3 unit itself. This is mounted in the vehicle and receives the data from the vehicles CAN bus, Serial, Analogue and Beacon inputs and records this information to the Stick.
iii) A USB adaptor, that is used to connect the Stick to the host PC/Laptop, where the logged data can be processed by our GDA or GDA-Pro data analysis software. This is also used as an interface for setting up and transfering the logging setup to the DA3 unit.

Before these components can be used for the first time, the Flash/Memory Stick will need to be formatted, so that the DA3 unit can recognise it. This usually done prior to the units being sent out to clients but, should the setup file become corrupted, the user will need to be able to reformat the Stick and reload the setup file, that hopefully they will have saved as a .STU file on the PC/Laptop.

The attached document, shows how to perform the formatting process prior to loading a setup. There is also some useful information regarding the pinout of the two connectors on the DA3 unit itself and a matrix diagram, showing the meanings of the LEDs, also on the DA3.
DA3 Quick Start Guide Rev3.doc
DA3 Formatting-Connectors-LED information
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