Common EM36 setup queries

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Common EM36 setup queries

Post by RickS » Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:58 pm

There are attached some pointers and startup options for the generic EM36 ECU.

More will be added depending on popularity and requests
EM36 Active throttle and Engine Load.docx
Act Throttle & Engine Load
(18.18 KiB) Downloaded 586 times
EM36 Sync Strategies.docx
EM36 Sync Strategies
(559.6 KiB) Downloaded 587 times
EM36 Knock control.docx
EM36 Knock Control
(83.14 KiB) Downloaded 647 times
EM36 Anti Lag setup guide
(15.43 KiB) Downloaded 641 times
Injector and Ignition Scaling.docx
General Injector and Ignition Scaling
(14.57 KiB) Downloaded 671 times
Sensor Test.docx
ECU Sensor setup/test
(79.93 KiB) Downloaded 678 times
EM36 Tooth Control.docx
EM36 Tooth Control Strategies
(69.08 KiB) Downloaded 726 times
Throttle Position.docx
EM36 Throttle Position Sensor setup
(13.51 KiB) Downloaded 634 times
EM36 Air Bypass Idle.docx
EM35 Air Bypss Idle setup
(127.73 KiB) Downloaded 656 times
EM36 Active Throttle.docx
EM36 Active Throttle setup
(98.95 KiB) Downloaded 639 times