Connecting to a GEMS Ethernet based ECU

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Connecting to a GEMS Ethernet based ECU

Post by RickS » Tue Mar 24, 2020 6:24 pm

When connecting to an EM80, GDi80 or RX80 ECU, using an Ethernet interface with calibration software GWv4, make sure that the calibration software is set for 'Ethernet' in the Connection Setup feature.

The following document will show you the two simple steps that you need to follow....
Connecting to EM-RX-GDi.docx
Ethernet Connections with GEMS '80' ECUs
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A GEMS Ethernet enabled ECU (EM80/GDi80/RX80) needs there to be no entries in the IP Address panels in the Ethernet Setup Network Connections panels in your Windows Setup. Some other ECU manufacturers do not clear out this information, when they disconnect and this can cause a problem as GEMS ECUs need to dynamically allocate this. Below is a small document, showing you how to check this information, if you are receiving 'Timeout' messages when you attempt a connection to a GEMS Ethernet enabled ECU.
Ethernet settings Rev1.docx
Ethernet / Firewall Settings
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