All GEMS software is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, Windows 8 (not RT), and Windows 10, both 32bit and 64bit versions. This does not apply to legacy software.

Latest Release versions:

Note: Items with a require a licence key or dongle, either for access or full working operation.

ECU Calibration Software

GWv4Version: 4.02.35File Size: 17.65MBDownload

Data Analysis Software

GEMS Data AnalysisVersion: 4.01.36File Size: 18.23MBDownload

GEMS Data Analysis ProfessionalVersion: 4.01.36File Size: 79.80MBDownload

Display Editing Software

LDS3R EditorVersion: 6.00.01File Size: 7.84MBDownload
LDS3R Display Editor

LDS4EditorVersion: 4.02.03File Size: 7.22MBDownload
LDS4 Display EditorFirmware: 24V07

CDE35Version: 4.00.02File Size: 2.69MBDownload
CD35 Display EditorFirmware: 13V10

CD34 EditorVersion: 4.01.01File Size: 3.12MBDownload
NOTE: If using v4.00 or later of the editor, version 02v01 or later of CD34 firmware must be used. Setups created or edited with v4.00 may not work correctly with release 01 firmware.Firmware: 02V01

Power Management Software

GPMEVersion: 2.0.15File Size: 4.26MBDownload
PM2 setup editor

Software Utilities

WebM Video TranscoderVersion: 1.01.00File Size: 60.48MBDownload
WebM Transcoder uses Qt and FFmpeg and is released under the GPL License.
See program about box for further license info.
Source Code:
WebM Transcoder (Code) + FFmpeg + Qt
v1.0.0 code and libs

Calibration Upload ToolVersion: 2.05.00File Size: 1.76MBDownload

Legacy Software

Please note the following downloads are no longer supported and should only be used if directed by GEMS or for use with old systems not supported by the current software
MDE37Version: 3.18.00File Size: 0.97MBDownload
DA37 Editor

CDE25Version: 3.62.00File Size: 7.21MBDownload
CD25 EditorFirmware: 07V27

LDS4Editor V3Version: 3.96.03File Size: 4.87MBDownload
LDS4 Display Editor for firmware versions 8V17 and earlierFirmware: 08V17

GWv3Version: 3.20.48File Size: 3.90MBDownload
Previous version of ECU calibration software

CDE24Version: 3.60.00File Size: 2.90MBDownload
CD24 EditorFirmware: 07V13