CD34 Dash Display

8in Widescreen Advanced Dash Display


The CD34 is the pinnacle of autosport display sytems, giving unrivaled control over your data and with our largest TFT screen ever, your driver/co-driver will never have seen clearer information.


  • Full colour 8 inch LED backlit widescreen TFT display
  • 9 tri-colour configurable shift lights
  • Internal Data-logging
  • 100 pages selectable by input pot or CAN
  • What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Windows© editing software
  • 32K Information backup memory
  • Co-Driver pulse counter and button inputs
  • Display bitmaps for company or sponsors logos
  • CAN Transmit - Relay calculated data or control slave display
  • Mathematical manipulation of monitored data
  • 16 Gauge types inc: Bar Tacho, Rev Lights, Variable text
  • Time, distance and fuel trip meters
  • Display min, max and average of any data


  • 12* Analogue inputs with software selectable pull ups
  • 4 Speed inputs
  • 7 sensor power supply lines (4 software selectable between 5 and 12V)
  • 1 Thermocouple input
  • 5 Light drivers
  • 4 Button Inputs
  • 200Mbyte data-logging memory
  • Upload and download via USB
  • 50Mbyte Storage for Setup
  • Screen: 800x480 pixel resolution and 262,000 colours
    Screen viewable area: 174x104mm
  • Main Connector: 55pin AS connector
  • Power consumption at 12V: <0.6A
  • Size: 204 x 136.5 x 27mm  (excluding connector)
  • Weight: 650g

* Some inputs are shared - 7 are dedicated

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